Hangover Cures

Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Remedies

Hangover Cures Treatment Remedies

 A famous medicine used for treating hangovers is Alka-Seltzer, which contains sodium bicarbonate which neutralizes stomach acid, but also aspirin and citric acid which can make matters worse if you have heartburn. For some people, Alka-Seltzer works, for others, it may not.

Salt solution. A pinch of salt mixed in your water may be easier for your body to handle when you are reeling from the effects of alcohol.

Tuna. It sounds disgusting when you deal with nausea, but tuna is a great food for regaining those depleted nutritional supplies.

Strong green tea is preferred by the Chinese.

Take a shower. If you can stand it, try a cold shower. Either way, you will feel clean and refreshed and you'll get back your good mood slowly but surely.

It takes your body one hour to metabolize a drink. Space out your drinks so you don't overcharge your body.

Swimming. The cool water and physical activity are a great way for many to feel almost instant relief.

Avoid bright lights and loud noises because hangover causes hypersensitivity. Sunglasses are a must if you leave the home.

Take pills containing the B vitamins. These are the first important nutrients your body will lack after drinking.

Take multivitamins to restore the nutrients your body has lost after drinking.

Honey sandwiches have been reported to help some people in case of hangover.

Thistle tea is considered to cleanse the liver of the toxins found in alcohol.

Chamomile tea has soothing effects and it also helps digestion.

Don't take a sauna hoping you'll sweat off toxins. When you are already dehydrated, sauna will do more harm than good and it even carries health risks.

LyteShow is a drink containing electrolytes and which has been designed especially for people suffering from hangovers. It contains sodium, magnesium, chloride, zinc, potassium and citric acid.

Indulge yourself with your favorite activities. Since you are no good for work, watch TV, read a book, catch on your favorite show or whatever makes you feel good.

Drink quality alcohol and which doesn't have any sugar added. When a drink contains sugar, the sweet substances masks the alcohol and you drink more than you realize.

Oatmeal at breakfast. Oatmeal contains everything your body needs after a binge: vitamin B, iron, magnesium and calcium. It also elevates blood sugar levels, offering you a boost of energy, and it neutralizes the acids in your stomach.

Sprite and similar sodas are also considered a good cure for hangovers. This drink speeds up the activity of the enzyme processing the alcohol in your body.

Time. Unfortunately, one of the best cures for a hangover is something you have no control over–time. Give yourself plenty of TLC while waiting out the way you feel and eventually, you will get better.

In order to prevent hangovers, drink less. Alcohol is a toxin, after all, and the more you'll get of it, the worse you'll feel.

Avoid acidic or spicy foods, because they are difficult to digest and put extra strain on your body.

The Japanese use pickled plums as a cure for hangovers.

Reflexotherapy. Massage your feet, more precisely, the areas responsible for the liver 0 the outer edge area on the right foot, halfway between the middle of the foot and the little toe.

Try a herbal equivalent of coffee, since it causes more dehydration. A possible idea is Ginseng.

High-fiber foods break down alcohol and absorb it, preventing it from being released into the bloodstream too quickly.

Wait 48 hours to pass before drinking again.

You can take pain relieving pills which women usually take when suffering from PMS (Pamprin, Midol). Nevertheless, others suggest that pain relievers carry health risks when you have alcohol in your system.

Miso soup. This Japanese soup is often eaten before going out to help counteract the effects of alcohol.

Don't drink fizzy drinks between alcohol drinks. They irritate your stomach and it is considered that they speed up the absorption of alcohol in your system.

In Scotland, there is a traditional mix called "The Highland Fling", made of buttermilk, corn flour, salt and pepper.

PreToxx is another medicine specially designed for hangover symptoms. It contains prickly pear, cysteine, milk thistle and an electrolyte blend.

Wholegrain bread. Not only is it rich in carbohydrates which give you energy and elevate your blood sugar levels, but they also contain B vitamins.

Gherkins. They are sour, so they help with the nausea, and they contain plenty of nutrients to replace those lost after drinking: vitamin A, vitamin K, iron, calcium, potassium and manganese.

Another effective cure seems to be a smoothie made out of apple, orange, lemon (including peel), parsley, celery, ginger, spinach, kale and mint.

Remember that alcohol transforms into acetaldehyde, a compound causing hangovers, but also cancer and liver diseases. This is one more reason to drink less.

Well-done toast. The carbon in charred bread acts like a filter in your body. It is not the same as activated charcoal, used for treating poisonings.

Sauerkraut or sauerkraut hangover soup is a remedy helping in the most severe cases of hangover.

Prepare some ginger tea. Its pleasant flavor alleviates nausea. Cut some ginger root and boil it in water.

Ham and bread is a mysterious combination which does wonders every time. The bread contains carbohydrates, and the ham is full of protein.

Eating toast soaked in Vegemite. The tasty spread will relieve your nausea immediately.

Peppermint tea. It is recommended it stomach upsets and it relieves tension, bloating, nausea and diarrhea.

Eat potatoes and milk. This way you will recuperate the potassium and the calcium lost by your body.

Avoid cheap alcohols because they contain harmful substances which make hangover a lot worse.

Find distractions while drinking. If you are engaged in a conversation, you will end up drinking less.

Mexican food. The high fat content, protein, carbs, and spice all contribute to make a great hangover cure. Some swear by eating menudo, a stew made from tripe, as a cure.

Tripe soup with garlic and cream. This greasy soup is recommended by Romanians, Turks and Mexicans.

Know your limits. How many glasses of each drink cause you unpleasant symptoms? The best idea is to stop when you reach your limit.

Take multivitamins before drinking, in order to compensate for the nutrients you'll lose.

Salted shrimps before going to bed are a solution that might actually work because it gives back your body the lost salts.

If it is legal where you live, cannabis has great effect on reducing the symptoms of hangovers.

Rice. This carb is easy on the stomach and will help you feel human again.

A cocktail for preventing hangovers is Ficks; it contains milk thistle, ginger root, dandelion extract, potassium, sodium and a vitamin B complex. Add it to mixed drinks to prevent hangovers before they appear.

Take a wasabi bath. Infuse the plant in your bathing water and enjoy its stimulating nature. Wasabi improves oxygenation of the cellular tissue.

Avoid smoking after heavy drinking. Nicotine is thought to increase the body's release of cytokines, a substance released when your brain is injured.

The "hair of the dog" or drinking more alcohol is a momentarily solution. It will ease the symptoms for a while, but after the effects of the newly ingested alcohol wear off, you will feel bad again.

Pepto-Bismol replenishes electrolytes, eases heartburn and relieves stomach discomfort.

Drink wheatgrass juice as this plant rehydrates and detoxifies your body.

It is recommended to eat fatty food before drinking or taking a spoon of vegetable oil. These fatty foods act as a protective layer inside your intestines and they absorb less alcohol.

Carrots also contain detoxifying substances, as well as natural sugars which boost your energy level.

Chicken noodle soup. This food is easy to digest and it restocks sodium and water levels in the body.

Fennel improves liver function. Make some fennel tea out of the plant's seeds and enjoy.

Kiwi and spinach. They have more things in common than just being green; they contain potassium, a crucial electrolyte for your body.

Cactus extract. A certain species of cactus, Opuntia ficus-indica or prickly pear, is able to alleviate symptoms of hangovers.

Some people suggest that Coke makes you feel better after heavy drinking. The bubbles tackle the nausea, the liquid helps you rehydrate, and the caffeine and the sugar give you energy.

Be happy. One study shows that those who are depressed, angry, or feel guilty about drinking have worse hangovers than those who are happier.

Dark colored drinks are more dangerous than the rest. They contain substances called congeners or impurities which make the hangover worse.

Oxygen. This is part of some of the treatments provided by the Hangover Heaven, a mobile hangover treating clinique in Las Vegas.

Don't drink too much champagne or sparkling wine, since some studies have shown that bubbles increase the effects of alcohol.

Don't mix different types of alcohol. Stick to just one kind of alcoholic beverage and you will be less likely to feel sick.

Eat toast and crackers. Staying hungry will worsen your symptoms.

Chocolate ice cream or chocolate milk. Cream and milk sooth your stomach, and chocolate flavor is helpful with the nausea.

Cabbage. Cabbage soup or sauerkraut are both supposedly great foods to eat when you’ve imbibed too much.

Exercise. It seems impossible to climb, run or swim when you are dealing with a hangover, but some people suggest that pushing yourself to exercise will make you feel better. Make sure you drink plenty of water, though, since by sweating you lose even more water from your body.

If you have not been drinking water between alcoholic drinks, at least rehydrate before going to sleep.

Since blood glucose can drop after a binge, it is important to consume enough carbohydrates, from grains, bread, pasta and sweets.

Thyme is a natural anti-inflammatory substance which aids digestion and gives a pleasant flavor to food.

Walk home and enjoy the fresh air rather than going in a car. You will sober up and feel better in the morning.

Germans eat pickled herrings with sour cream and onions in order to tackle the symptoms of a hangover.

Drink a vegetable soup which is easy to digest and which contains vitamins and minerals.

Olive oil. Do as the Mediterraneans do and dip some bread in olive oil. The fat content from the oil will help prevent a hangover.

Another cure used by the Celtians and supposedly by the Irish is burying the person suffering from a hangover into moist sand.

Another culprit for hangover symptoms is considered to be wine sulphites. Avoid wines which contain too much sulphite.

Use an antacid to settle your stomach.

Aspirin should not be taken only in the morning; some experts argue that a good idea is taking an aspirin before going to bed, as it will fight the inflammatory immune response in your body as it installs.

Eggs. They contain cysteine, an amino acid that can break down toxins your body hasn't. They are also rich in vitamin B, which is lost after drinking too much.

Eating an apple on an empty stomach helps because this fruit contains antioxidants, sugars and minerals.

The prairie oyster is a well-known American recipe, made out of tomato juice, raw eggs and Worcestershire sauce.

Peanut butter. In Africa, peanut butter is a common food to help prevent hangovers.

Alcotox pills can help you reduce acetaldehyde amounts in your body. It is recommended to take one capsule for each drink.

Mustard is also a good idea. You can eat mustard or you can infuse your bath with a mustard bath powder.

Mince and cheese pie is used in New Zealand, it is probably the equivalent of a fatty, nourishing breakfast.

Use Tiger Balm to reduce the headache. Apply it on the back of your neck and on your temples.

Pedialyte. This children's formula replenishes fluids, zinc and electrolytes in sick children.

Coffee is a good idea only if you are a regular coffee drinker. Drink a small amount and wait for half an hour to see how you feel before drinking more. Too much coffee causes even more dehydration.

Canadians eat French fries with Canadian cheese curd and peppercorns.

Manage how much you drink based on your body size and tolerance. The more you drink, the heavier the hangover will be.

Some people argue that sex is a good idea to ease your hangover, although there are no scientific proofs to support this theory.

Some scientists argue that there is no way of curing a hangover, although many argue these methods can help.

The best way to prevent a hangover is not to drink at all.

Eat carbs. Simple carbs like crackers, cereal or toast will replace glycogen stores and get your blood sugar back to normal faster.

Sleep it off. Sleep is a cure-all for all ailments. It will maximize your restorative benefits if your body does not need to focus on all the bother that comes with being awake.

Sip some tea. Chamomile is know for anti-nausea affects and peppermint is a digestive aid relieving tension and bloating. Add some honey to restore blood sugar levels.

Try lemon. Lemon helps detoxify your body. Prepare some lemon tea to settle your stomach and start the detoxification process.

Lay still and try to sleep. Sleep, water, and time are the three things that are a guaranteed cure for a hangover.

Get some light exercise. Go on a brisk walk, a light jog, or to swim a few laps.

Hangovers increase your sensitivity to light and sound. To minimize your pain, close your blinds, avoid loud music, and place a cool washcloth on your head.

Take a shower or bath, It will make you feel better.

Use Alka-Seltzer. It contain sodium bicarbonate (also known as baking soda), which will help settle a queasy belly by neutralizing stomach acid.

Pepto-Bismol or an antacid is taken to relieve queasiness and settle your stomach. You can even take a mult-ivitamin or vitamin B capsules that help restoring the energy lost during your night of carousing.

Get some fresh air. If it's safe for you to walk home then the activity and the fresh air will help you sober up and to feel better.

A good cure consists of a bannana, a carrot, a tomato, a shot of vodka, a bit of tobasco, some milk and after mouthwash to remove taste.

The best cure if you don't have to work the next day, Is take a sea-sick or a soma. It will relax your stomach.

Have sex the next morning it burns calories, and makes you sweat out the alcohol, and feels great.

Try a glass of lucosade and plenty of fruit espesially orange and bannana you will be bouncing of the walls.

The best way to rehydrate.... 1000cc of saline and 4 hours of sleep. It will get rid of even the worst headache!

If you can stomach it, drink a few ounces dill pickle juice. Not sure why but it does work.

Take a hot bath or shower when you wake up, then have a pint of freezin cold water afterwards. It works because of chlimate changing in your body.

The best cure in a hangover is Mexican menuedo soup. It usually tastes terrible but you will feel great as soon as you are finished.

Try a bowl of hot and spicy chili. chili peppers help the body fight the free radicals that come from booze.

Hangover Cures Treatment Remedies plus

Don't treat your hangover with another alcoholic drink. It may work for short term relief but chances are you'll suffer even more. You'll just put fuel on the fire.

Drink lots of liquids in order to rehydrate your body - water, juice, and sports drinks.

Drinking juice from pickles. This is one of the best remedies, used especially in countries from Eastern Europe, and it really works.

Lemon tea is another good idea. Lemon is helpful against nausea and it also replenishes vitamins.

When you drink, have a glass of water for every drink of alcohol you have. This helps you prevent dehydration and you will also drink less.

Don't drink on an empty stomach. Before drinking, eat fats and carbohydrates, which slow down your body's alcohol absorption.

Bananas. They contain fructose (the natural equivalent of sugar) for elevating your energy level, they are a natural antacid which relieves heartburn and they also contain magnesium.

Honey. The potassium in honey will help get your body back on track, so add some to tea or just eat it straight.

Fresh fruit. Fruit will help replenish the vitamins you lost and hydrate your body.

Yoga. There are some breathing and meditation exercises that can relieve hangover symptoms.

If you are able to, sleep the next day after having a binge. The body cures itself faster when you rest.

Chewing small pieces of ginger has been said to help releive hangovers.

Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, never been sicker. This old saying is just a myth, it is about how much you drink and what you are drinking, not the order.

Coconut water. It is effective because it contains electrolytes and it rehydrates your body.

Asparagus boosts the enzymes that break down alcohol and has lots of amino acids and minerals in it which are good for overcoming the hangover.

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