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Ebay Auction Starting And Ending Day Strategies.
by: Kirsten Hawkins
Its usually when auctions are about to end that they get half their bids sometimes they even get their only bids. If you want your item to sell for a good price, then, it makes no sense to let it finish on a day and time when no-ones going to be around to care.

Selling to Business.

If youre selling business equipment and have mostly business customers, you should really aim to have your auctions finishing between 9am and 5pm on weekdays. It is worth, however, trying to avoid mornings and avoiding the lead-in and lead-out that takes place on Monday and Friday themselves.

Selling to Home.

If most of your sales are to private customers having it shipped to their own home, then you want your auctions to finish when these kind of customers will be around. Unfortunately, these times are the opposite of what they are for the business customers. The ideal time to catch a home customer is on a Sunday evening.

List for Durations.

In order to get your listings to end on a particular day, you can simply change the duration of your auctions depending on what day it is. For example, if you mostly sell to home customers and the day today is Thursday, then your auction needs to run for either 3 or 10 days to hit a Sunday. If you sell more to business and the day today is Friday, then:

a 1 day auction would be bad (finishing on Saturday),
3 days would be alright (Monday),
5 days would be good (Wednesday),
7 days would be good (another Friday),
and 10 days would be alright (Monday again).

You could draw up a little timetable of when you should and shouldnt be listing depending on the days of the week make it red, amber and green, traffic light style, and stick it on your wall.

Schedule Listings.

Of course, if that all sounds like too much trouble then there is an easier if more expensive way of doing things. Simply use any of the many tools that let you schedule listings (almost all listing programs and sites do) you can set the start date for any day and time you feel like.

Be aware that you might have to pay a few cents per listing for this if you do it through eBay. With some software, you may also need to leave your computer on all the time, so the software can start the auctions when its supposed to. The advantage of this method, however, is that there will be no per-listing fee, since the auctions were scheduled through your computer and not through eBay.

If its the home market youre after, then you might not have realised what one of the most powerful things to sell on eBay is. Ill give you a clue: its not consumer electronics, or media products. Its what eBay is famous for. Check out the next email for more.

Tips for Selling Collectibles on eBay.

Yes, collectibles! Collectibles are where eBay started, and theyre still one of its biggest areas however much they might want you to believe theyre not. eBay's most hardcore and long-time users are almost all collectors of something or other it is quite common to post what you think is a mundane item, only to have collectors suddenly go to war over it because it is somehow linked to something they collect.

Collectors are the people on eBay who really do pay top-dollar for things that seem like junk to you and I not to mention to the people youll be getting your stock from! Thats why you can make so much profit on collectibles. Here are a few tips.

Go to peoples homes. Peoples homes are full of things that someone out there collects they are the best and cheapest source of collectibles out there. Sure, you might find something if you hang around at enough garage sales, but youd have competition. Getting invited to peoples homes to look around should be a dream for you, and one youre doing your best to make a reality.

Buy on other auction sites. Youll be surprised how much money you can make if you buy the collectibles that people sell on smaller auction sites like Yahoo Auctions, and then list it on eBay. These sellers will often be perfectly knowledgeable about their item, but simply getting a lower price because they serve a smaller marketplace. Sometimes you can almost double your money.

List in non-collectible categories. If your collectible doesnt have a category of its own under collectibles, you might prefer to list it in a category that has something to do with the item but nothing to do with collecting. What you will often find is that people browsing a category for their favourite thing will pay more for your collectible than actual collectors would.

Do lots of research. Never list something you think might be valuable without searching and searching to dig up every piece of information you can on it. Everything you find out is likely to be useful when you come to list it.

List every tiny, tiny detail. Remember that collectors really care about the most seemingly insignificant things. An item from one year can be worth thousands while the one from the year before is near-worthless, or an item that is one shade of a colour can be worth far more than one of a subtly different shade. Its not worth puzzling over and its not worth trying to pass your items off as something theyre not just make sure you put absolutely everything you know in the description.

When you are listing items that require close research and description down to the tiniest detail, however, dont be tempted to steal someone elses work! Whatever you do, dont take another sellers description and try to pass it off as your own, as this could have all sorts of consequences for you. Our next email gives you a guide to eBays policy on description theft.

About the author:
Kirsten Hawkins is an Ebay and internet auction enthusiast from Nashville, TN. Visit more great tips on how to make the most from Ebay and other online auctions.

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